Las Vegas Casinos

Guide to Las Vegas Strip Casinos

Sin City, the Entertainment and Gambling Capital of the World. Over the years, Vegas has earned a variety of nicknames all alluding to the quality of the gaming experience it provides to all who wander into its streets.

Palms Casino Resort

95,000-square-foot casino, plush lounges, stylish bars and award-winning restaurants – Palms has everything from the latest slots to all time classic table games. Popular with younger guests and frequented by celebrities Palms is a prestigious casino with plush lounges, stylish bars and award-winning restaurants Palms Casino Las Vegas review For a gaming establishment that’s situated

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New York New York Casino

Sin City and the Big Apple come together in a New York New York casino that offers a one-of-a-kind experience and the thrills of high-stakes. The casino, which hosts over 1500 slot machines, is famous for its iconic roller-coaster weaving around architecture evoking New York skyline. New York New York Casino review MGM Resorts International

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Monte Carlo Las Vegas

Monte Carlo Las Vegas has been now transformed into Park MGM Read more about Park MGM here, or continue below to the original review of the Monte Carlo Las Vegas casino Monte Carlo Las Vegas review Alluding to the wonderful gaming environment of Monte Carlo, this MGM Resorts International property was one of the more

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MGM Grand Casino

Iconic and star-studded casino renowned for its thousands of slots, video poker and table games, spectacular entertainment, and world-class dining. Living up to its name, the MGM Grand is one of the largest casinos in the world. Bringing a delightful mix of exclusivity and Las Vegas-style entertainment, the MGM Grand continues to amaze thousands with

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Gigantic casinos loom over the horizon of the famed Las Vegas Strip, and at night, the city comes alive with bright, flashing, neon lights and the lively music of the nightly parties going on in the various casinos. There are over twenty gigantic casinos in Las Vegas, each offering a unique experience of its own.

How many casinos are in Las Vegas

There are 71 casinos in Las Vegas. Most casinos also have their own theme carried into their facilities. In the early days of Las Vegas, there were casinos that carried pirate themes, ancient Egyptian themes, and even Alice in Wonderland themes. These themes have largely been stripped from the casinos in exchange for more modern themes, and even the exteriors of the hotels have also been renovated to showcase a more luxurious feel.

The first casinos sprouted in Las Vegas in the 1930s, with the first gambling license being awarded to the Northern Club. Las Vegas’ history is closely interconnected with the mafia and other crime organisations, and for many years, the gambling industry in the city had been riddled with illicit activity. Today, however, the casinos in Vegas have become known for their security and discretion.

Most casinos in the Las Vegas area are more than just casinos; they’re also integrated with a hotel and spas, lounges, and pools. The city is also home to some of the most innovative features and amenities ever seen in casinos, such as swim-up pools, exclusive high-limit areas, and also tableside drinks, food, and massages.

Of course, Las Vegas wouldn’t be called the Gambling Capital of the World for nothing. Slot machines have varied denominations and some of the highest limits in the world, and the casinos also have great rewards programmes that are integrated into the rest of the hotels’ amenities. Live performances by great bands, musical performers, and comedians are staples of the Las Vegas casino experience, with some casinos even having star-studded headliners.

There’s no denying that a night spent in Vegas can be one of the best nights of your life. With dozens of casinos, all lined up and offering unique experiences to every type of casino-goer, Las Vegas continues to mesmerise the millions of people that visit the city every year.

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