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Exclusive, yet social, private, yet fun – the Genting Casino Cromwell Mint is a supreme destination, whether you are a high-stakes gambler, or someone just looking to have some casual fun.

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Cromwell Mint Casino Review

I was blown away by the quality of service and the atmosphere at this small but brilliant London casino.

Found in the most exclusive part of Kensington, the Genting Casino Cromwell Mint is known for its signature atmosphere of fun, creating unique social environments while maintaining its casino and poker gaming background. Standing out from the busy London casino scene, the Cromwell Mint was originally in partnership with Bluff Europe, opening in May 2010 and attracting mid-range gamers. Now, the Cromwell Mint has become one of the more popular casinos in London, attracting both mid-range and high-stakes gamblers alike.

Gaming options

The Genting Casino Cromwell Mint prides itself in providing a classy experience to its members, and their gaming rooms are some of the best in the country. The Cromwell’s poker rooms are known to be a vital part of its operations, attracting millions of gamers every year. Of course, there are also Blackjack, Three-Card Poker and Baccarat tables at the casino, as well as slot machines and American Roulette tables for those who just want to be able to sit down and gamble.

Dining options

Because it carries the Genting Casino brand name, the Cromwell Mint exudes elegance and sophistication from its gaming rooms to its own restaurant.

Garnering positive reviews from customers from all over the world, the restaurant in Cromwell Mint offers an exotic menu with classic favourites like scallops and Arabian Grilled Baby Chicken. But they carry more than just an a la carte menu, as their breakfast and dinner services also come with a full-course buffet.

The Cromwell Mint’s menu is seasonal, as they only use the freshest produce and ingredients in their dishes. Luckily, however, they’ve also made their menu available online, so guests can feel free to check before they head over to the restaurant for dinner.

The casino also has a bar that offers a wide selection of chilled beers, wines, customised cocktails and spirits. Guests can take their drinks to the gaming tables, or to the sports bar, where they can watch local and international sporting events.


The Cromwell Mint offers a range of promotions for their games, including special promotions to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Their function halls are also available for corporate and intimate events.

Dress code

The Mint’s current dress code allows only smart casual and formal wear, and guests in sporting attire or denim jeans will not be permitted on the casino’s premises. Mobile phones may be brought into the casino, but no photography is allowed. Hats and caps and other items that may obstruct security cameras are also not allowed on the premises.


Membership is not required at Genting Casinos, and guests are free to walk in to play at the gaming tables. No photo IDs are required either, but guests who look younger than 21 years old may be asked to present identification. However, registered members will also receive perks and rewards, so registering for membership may also be ideal.


Phone: +44 (0) 207 589 4041

Opening hours: Mo-Su

45 Cromwell Rd
South Kensington
United Kingdom

Cromwell Mint Casino London Review & Rating
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Exhilarating casino with great service and friendly atmosphere


  • Nice atmosphere


  • Gaming options could be better