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“For the gentleman, by gentlemen”: the Maxims Casino Club is a place for people with discerning tastes, an eye for beautiful architecture, and an interest in British history.

While most London casinos have transformed their style to accommodate the modern gambler, leaving behind their history of exclusivity, the Maxims Casino Club in Kensington remains a casino for the elite gambler. Maintaining an intimate clientele of some of the most influential people not just in London, but also across the world and Maxims has certainly pushed the limits of exclusive gambling.

The casino was built in 1862, in the exclusive Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Originally built for John Forster, a close friend of Charles Dickens, the casino was first known as the Palace Gate House. Decades after it was first built, the Palace Gate House was renovated in 1899, referred to then as “a house built for a gentleman by gentlemen.”

John Forster was a friend to many of that time’s most influential people, and he himself had amassed quite substantial wealth. The Palace Gate House was home to his illustrious personal library, which is now housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Forster also brought together the team of architects who constructed the Palace Gate House, which remains largely untouched even after its conversion into the Maxims Casino Club.

With one of the most renowned restaurants in Kensington and a gaming environment that’s unlike any other, gamblers who wish to taste the life of an aristocrat need not look any further than Maxims Casino Club.

Gaming Options

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Gaming at the Maxims Casino Club is an intimate affair. There are 26 gaming tables at the club, where gamblers can play American Roulette, Blackjack, Three-card Poker, and other games, all at various stake levels. And, of course, there are also private gaming rooms available for any affluent gambler who wishes to play in a much more discreet environment.

Card sharks will also be glad to know that Maxims offers regular cash poker games, and even caters to private poker parties, all arranged in a dedicated room. Their well-trained and professional dealers are ready and waiting to assist gamblers with their poker games.

Dining at Maxims Casino Club

Perhaps even more renowned than the Maxims’ gaming scene, is their restaurant that comes highly recommended from all those who’ve had the pleasure of trying out their cuisines. It is often regarded as the best restaurant in all of Kensington, offering the finest dishes made with nothing but the freshest ingredients. Expertly trained chefs prepare everything from French, Thai, Indian, and Chinese cuisines.

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They also offer a rather extensive wine list – perfect for any discerning sommelier. The restaurant’s menus are available on their website, and guests are also free to make bookings and reservations at the restaurant through their website.

Events and Activities

Regular poker games are available at the casino, but other events are quite rare. Tournaments and other such events are hardly ever held at the casino, mostly because they cater only to the high-end gambler. However, private poker parties and other private events are always welcome at the casino.

Maxims Casino Club Dress Code

Dressing smart is expected of all their guests, in keeping with the casino’s theme and ambience. Anyone found to be dressed inappropriately or too casually would either be asked to leave the premises, or wouldn’t be allowed into the casino at all. The dress code also applies to guests of members who simply wish to dine at the casino.

Maxims Casino Club Membership

In order to maintain the air of exclusivity that the Maxims Casino Club prides itself on, only members are allowed into the casino’s premises. Should you wish to join the casino, however, the process is also quite easy. There is no membership fee, and all one needs to do is head to the reception area of the casino, fill out an application form and present one photo ID. Once your membership application is approved, you can then enter the casino and begin gaming or dining in their five-star restaurant. Be warned, however, as unlike most modern London casinos, the Maxims Casino Club is only open from 1pm to 6am – not 24/7.


Contact Information

Maxims Casino

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7581 0337
Email: [email protected]

Opening hours: Mo-Su

Palace Gate House, 1a Palace Gate
W8 5LS
United Kingdom
Maxims Casino Club Rating: 10 out of 10

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