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With a rich history stemming from the earliest days of casino gaming in London, the Clermont Club continued to be one of the most sought after gaming venues in London until it closed down in March 2018.

The Clermont is one of the most exclusive casinos in the country, with a rich history of exclusivity and sophistication that goes back to the 1960s. When John Aspinall first received a gambling license in 1962, he established the Clermont Club to provide British aristocrats and celebrities with an exclusive gaming experience that no other clubs could provide at the time.

The Clermont’s first clientele was composed of five dukes, five marquises, around twenty earls, and two cabinet members. Notable figures of British society also became members of the club, such as Ian Fleming, David Stirling, Lord “Lucky” Lucan and the Duke of Devonshire. Although most of the members of the club were admitted based on their affluence and position in society, some were also admitted on the basis of their charm and their gaming prowess, allowing for a unique gaming experience that could only be found in the Clermont.

Clermont Club

After becoming known to the British population as one of the most opulent casinos and the best option for the rich and famous, the club was acquired by Playboy in 1972, and now belongs to Malaysian casino mogul Quek Leng Chan. It has also inspired a new brand of casinos and hotels from said mogul’s line, Guoco Leisure. New Clermont hotels and casinos are set to be established in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in 2016, promising to “offer a new type of luxury” and “change the status quo” for hotels.

The current location of the Clermont Club took three years to build, with baroque decor that features an elegant staircase that has been described as “as beautiful a piece of scenery, and considering the space, of art as can be imagined”. Because the club is the only surviving town house by William Kent, critics have often said that the architecture of the casino makes it worth the visit. Mixing together beautiful architecture and a completely customizable experience, there’s no denying that the Clermont Club has set the tone for all exclusive gaming lounges in London.

The Clermont Club Closed Down

In March 2018 the club has closed its doors. According to The Times the club is about to be sold to new owners. There is no other information about the future of club available at this time.

Gaming Options

The Clermont continues the tradition of Aspinall’s exclusive gaming lounges by offering its patrons a bespoke gaming experience that is truly unparalleled. Whether it’s Roulette, Blackjack, or Three-Card Poker, you can have a discreet and customised gaming experience in the Clermont’s gaming halls. The Clermont also has private gaming rooms where guests can enjoy gambling with utmost privacy.

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Dining at The Clermont Club

What would a high-end casino be without a five-star restaurant? The Clermont offers a range of authentic cuisines, as well as vintage and New World wines. As with the rest of the club, the restaurant can serve as the perfect venue for both business lunches and intimate gatherings.

The Clermont also has an intimate Bar and Lounge, where guests can take a break and share a glass of wine with fellow patrons after a long night out in the casino’s gaming tables.

Events and Activities

The Clermont Club Dress Code

The hotel prides itself in having nothing but the most affluent of clients, and as such, not everyone is admitted into the club. Even members may be refused entry to the casino if they are not dressed in formal clothing such as suits and ties, and evening gowns for women.

The Clermont Club Membership

Because of its rich history of exclusivity, many see membership at the Clermont as a status symbol, and with good reason. Membership with the casino is on a strict for-approval basis, with individuals being required to submit a photo ID with their application, and to have one at all times as they play in the casino. Unfortunately, no online applications are possible with the Clermont, and those who wish to apply for membership must make a personal appearance at the club.


Contact Information

The Clermont Club

Phone: +44 (0) 020 7493 5587
Email: [email protected]

Opening hours: Mo-Su 13:00 - 06:00

44 Berkeley Square
United Kingdom
The Clermont Club Rating: 10 out of 10

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