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Slingo is a unique genre game adapted from the popular social game. It fills the void of bingo on mobile, increasing player enjoyment by combining slots and bingo gameplay. In its heyday Sligno was the most popular online game on Facebook, with over 20 million players enjoying Zynga Slingo. Start with a 5×5 bingo grid

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5 of the Best Rainbow Riches Games

One of the most popular areas of any casino – online or offline – is video slots. It’s one of the simplest but most fun ways to gamble. There are many games to choose from – in fact on the slots floors in Vegas Casinos the rows and rows of games can stretch into the

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Gambling in Cinema

Gambling was always a prominent feature in movies, almost always shown in scenes with suspicious characters in smokey rooms the hero needs to win over. This picture contributed to the overall perception of gambling in popular culture for many years. Only later movies, notably comedies and thrillers from the beginning of the 21st century begun

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Are you a compulsive gambler?

For most people, the activity of gambling is an occasional recreational pursuit and does not cause a problem. It is for some, however, a debilitating compulsion affecting every area of their lives. What is compulsive gambling? Pathological gambling, commonly referred to as compulsive gambling, is a progressive behaviour disorder in which a person has a

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History of the Casino de Monte-Carlo

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is widely-known for its history, its European games and the “resort” to which it belongs, still the most important in the world in terms of prestige and for its wide variety of establishments. Casino de Monaco Timeline The world’s most prestigious casino’s projecting façade was completed in 1890. Designed by French

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Las Vegas: the Rise and Fall of the Mob

Vice and dice . . . they roll together. And from the beginning, organized crime has had its hand in Las Vegas. Called an “open town,” Las Vegas became a magnet for syndicate bosses from Kansas City, Chicago, Cleveland, New York and other eastern cities. Sniffing easy money, the underworld families saw new profit centres

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History of Las Vegas

A popular local adage states that “Nothing ever changes in Las Vegas – except the way it looks and the people who live here.” Indeed, a person could drive around the valley once a week and spot new ground-breakings for schools, shopping centres, office complexes, planned communities, health clinics, and more. Native residents – especially

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Visiting Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is one of the tiniest countries in the world. In fact, Monaco is only a few miles long. The Principality is comprised of four distinct quarters: Monte Carlo, which has become famed for its gambling and culture; La Condamine, the business quarter; Monaco-Ville, the capital and rockiest of the small region;

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Monaco’s Gambling History

During the 1700s and early 1800s gambling was a popular past time in both France and Germany. In fact, the Roulette wheel was invented during the 1700s and found instant audiences among gamblers of the day. France and Germany’s Gambling Bans Louis Blanc, the inventor of the modern European roulette wheel, was plying his gambling

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Monte Carlo Casino Gambling

Monte Carlo, located in the Principality of Monaco along the French Riviera, is hailed as one of the most luxurious and exquisite gambling destinations. The small spit of land that is Monte Carlo is home to only a few casinos, but they are world class, nonetheless. Casino de Monte Carlo Built in 1863 the Casino

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